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POLSTER – professional minibus bodybuilder

The POLSTER company was founded in 1990 by the two motorization enthusiasts: Jacek Kuczynski and Waldemar Linda. They have started their business by doing interior upholstery for the coaches. Thanks to their hard-working nature and the quality of the services they had provided - POLSTER has gained a lot of loyal customers and high position on the market. POLSTER's main business is production and bodybuilding of minibuses on Mercedes-Benz and Iveco chassis and retrofitting of Ford vehicles.

Minibus producer – more about POLSTER brand

Company can ensure vehicles with full track homologations for Iveco 5,6t and 6,5t and for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter. Thanks to its hard-work, the company has been awarded with quality certificates like Mercedes-Benz Van Partner. In 2017 we acquired 2,33 ha of land along with buildings of 1200 square metres (located in Pila, in the industrial zone, directly at the exit of S11 route). Currently our production area is 2200 square metres. Thanks to this, we easily reach customers from all over Poland as well as from abroad. With over forty employees on board, POLSTER provides its customers with a high quality product and satisfaction.

Permanent priorities allow us to carry out orders in a professional manner, and most importantly - in a short time. It is worth emphasizing that we provide a 24-month warranty. POLSTER is a team of experienced people with a passion for motorization, caring for the highest quality and level of services provided, with attention to every detail.

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