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Vehicle nr 64: MB Sprinter 519 (22+1+1) manual - ready for sale!

60 000,00 EUR netto   65 000,00 EUR netto

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter MB Sprinter 519 CDI Minibus

Payload 5,3 t
Length 7721 mm Long / plastic
Seats layout 22+1+1

Additional equipment of a base vehicle:

A50 - Reinforced axle stabilizer bar + tyres 205 (compulsory for 5.3 T and 5.5 T)
CF3 - B package (Reinforced stabilizers)
CL1 - Height and rake adjustable steering wheel
CL4 - Multifunctional steering wheel with on-board computer
D93 - Wall resignation
EK1 - Connection for external devices
F61 - Rear mirror inside
F68 - Exterior mirror heated and electrir. adjustable
H12 - Additional water heating 5 KW
H21 - Heat-insulating glass w. band filter on windscreen
HH2 - Electrically powered hot-air auxiliary heater
HH9 - Front air conditioning, sami-autom. controlled, TEMPMATIK
J65 - The outside temperature gauge
JA5 Light and rain sensors
JA8 - Side wind assist
JD2 - Tachograph
JW5 - Keeping lane package
KB0 - 100l fuel tank
KL1 - Fuel tank with additional heating connection
L13 - Fog lamps eith cornering light function (excluded with bi-xenon lapms)
MD5 - Speed limiter
MP6 - Euro VI engine
MS1 - Cruise control
N63 - Additional pulley with compressor fixing
P47 - Front mud flaps
P48 - Rear mud flaps
RM7 - Summer tyres
S22 - Armrest for driver
S91 Resignation - passenger's seat
S99 Resignation - box under driver's seat
SB3 - Comfortable driver's seat, with hydraulic cushioning
SW1 Resignation - passenger's seatbelt
ZU1 - Additional chassis reinforcement - reg.66

Bodywork parts:

  Tempo 100
PASSENGER SEATS FO10 - INTAP Ekolider 2 - liner type - single seat, folding with 3-point seat belt, table, net and handles
  FO11 - INTAP Ekolider 2 - liner type - double seat, folding and drawing aside with 3-point seat belt, table, net and handles
  FO12 - INTAP Ekolider 2 - liner type - rear single seat with 3-point seat belt
PILOT'S SEAT SG2 - INTAP Ekolider 2 - guide seat with laid seat (with original doors only)
WALLS AND CEILING OF THE VEHICLE SU1 - Walls & ceiling upholstery
  IZ1 - Heat and sound insulation
  SU2- Headlining above the driver and passenger POLIROL POL-STR-009
  TKS2 - Headliner material: felt
  EZ1 - NMI System - quck desinstallation of seats
  ALU6 - Montaż foteli w systemie szynowym w podłodze i ścianie szyna klejona OKB frezowana 30% niefrezowana 70%
LIGHTING OS4- Car interior and step lighting
ENTRY STEP Double lowered step + adaptation of passenger's door
ENTRY DOOR Original manual door
WINDOWS SZ15 - Double, tinted, "Fake panorama LONG" - internal +40 cm (x6)
HEATING OG1- Two convectors 2000 mm with water pump and electric driver
AIR-CONDITIONING SYSTEM HHP1- Roof-type Webasto Cool Top RTC 110 (11 KW)
HAND LUGGAGE SHELVES PA4 - Racks with individual distribution of conditioned air, LED lights (day/night), audio system - 4900 SERSEL 7 sets (only for extended version with flat floor)
EQUIPMENT NK2- Fire extinguisher, information stickers, first aid kit, safety hammers
  HP2- Roof hatch with emergency exit
  Handrails to facilitate boarding, glazed bulkhead behind the driver's seat
  WI-1 - Hangers (8 pcs.)
  Wheelchair station
  Two wheelchair stations
  ZA2- Curtains in folding shelves
  DY1- Drivers rug
  NK1- serial plate, stickers, frames for registration plates
AUDIO-VIDEO EQUIPMENT AV1- Manual 19" monitor
  AV7 - Guide microphone with amplifier
  AV8 - Reverse Camera
  AV9 - USB double socket
  AV3 - 2DIN DVD, MP3 & navigation BLAUPUNKT San Diego 530
INTERIOR LIFTING LIW2 - Middle stripe with diamond quilt
  LIW3 - Diamond quilted side pannels